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By minting and generating that unique transaction hash, collectors can directly influence the artistic output of the generative algorithm. That means collectors are active participants in the creation process, shaping the final appearance or behavior of the artwork. So, collectors play a crucial role in the development of the long-form generative art piece.

How exactly is this done? Minting is all about creating a transaction on the blockchain, which gives you a unique transaction hash. This transaction hash acts as a seed or input for the algorithm, deciding the artwork's specific traits or features. So, actions by collectors are partially determining the output.

For fx(params), this is slightly different and more direct. There, the collector’s address seeds the randomness, which in turn gives the collector a unique set of output options only they can see (ie., copying their configs using a different minter address won’t result in the same output). This all means that for fx(params), collectors don’t just influence the output; they decide the output using the adjustable params specified by the artist.

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